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Smartplast Team


Petr Halaška

Technical Manager and Managing Director

Petr has been working with plastics for all his professional life – from his studies at then Zlin faculty of University of Technology Brno until now.

He started his career in plastics before 1989 in the shoe company Svit, later he was a co-owner of a small tool shop and became a lecturer at the Faculty of Technology of Thomas Bata University in Zlin.

After nine years at university he went back to business and since 2008 he has been running Smartplast company.


Olga Žmolíková

Sales Manager and Managing Director

Olga is a managing director and she has given a new conception to everything connected with customers – negotiation, marketing, quoting and she’s responsible for company developement.



Martin Sklář

Application engineer, Moldflow specialist

Martin will help you with everything concerning Moldflow and he is a lecturer of software user trainings.


Lubomír Josefík

Application engineer, Moldflow specialist

Lubomir makes analyses of your projects and connects Moldflow simulations with structural analyses in Abaqus.


Marie Klečková


Marie looks after our cash-flow.




1992: almost 30 years of experience

The company history reaches long before 2008 when it was established. Since 1992 Petr Halaška has run business in plastics processing and injection molding, design of plastic parts and injection molds and quality management of plastic parts for automotive industry.

Petr started his „plastics“ experience in the 80’s when he worked in research and development of shoemaking company Svit in Zlin.


1997 – 2003: Academic career

Petr worked at the Department of Production Engineering of the Technological faculty of Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

There he did research and lecturing in injection process modelling, design of plastic parts and injection molds and structural analyses.


2008: Smartplast established

All knowledge and experience became useful in 2008 when Smartplast s.r.o. was established at the Technological Centre of Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

The company dealt with injection molding simulation and Moldflow software sales and support and later education in plastics processing and injection molding started. As the work volume grew the current team was formed – apart from Petr Halaška Olga Žmolíková, Martin Sklář, Lubomír Josefík and Marie Klečková.


2009: Autodesk Partner

Smartplast became a Partner of Autodesk® for authorized sales of Moldflow® software in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We provide simulation analyses of injection molded plastic parts. Quantity and complexity of plastic parts applied in automotive industry has been growing and there is more and more emphasize on product quality planning, sharing data of its development between teams in different parts of the world, product inovation and optimization of production costs.

Simulation analyses are the best way to meet such requests. We provide analyses made with CAE software Autodesk Moldflow Insight Ultimate that enables deep analyses of thermoplastics as well as thermosets.

Based on the results of injection molding process analysis showing inhomogeneities (weld lines, voids, fibre orientation) originating from the injection molding process we are able to optimize injection molding parameters and provide structural analyses of plastic parts and correct their technological design.

You can also buy software Autodesk Moldflow from us as an authorized Autodesk partner for Czech Republic and Slovakia.


2017-2018: Simulia Abaqus and a new company site

More services at one site – from now we also provide structural analyses made with Simulia Abaqus software.

And another important step in 2018 – we moved our company to a new site in Zlin Podhori.

What can we help you with?

CAE Injection molding analyses


Technological design of plastic parts and injection molds


CAE Structure analysis of plastic parts and injection molds


Education courses in Plastics Technology and Plastics Injection Molding


Autodesk® Moldflow® Sales and Support

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